My name is Graeme Winton. I’m an author and a singer/song writer. My writing lies predominately in the Horror/Dark Fantasy genre while my songs fall in the Alternative category and incorporate rock, blues, folk and metal. The words reflect my political, religious and philosophical view points.

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Single- Flowers in the Rain is a protest song about the way we mistreat the environment. Search Deezer, iTunes and others. Click for a free stream on Spotify.


                                              Album Light and Dark released in 2018 contains original Blues, Rock and Folk.

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The Dark Key is a novel about an ordinary guy who witnesses a supernatural event close to his hometown. The result of which sends him searching for answers to the vision. The answers, however, come looking for him in the form of the ghosts of renegade monks and the thugs of a demon-worshipping order. The monks were lured from their faith only to be burned alive for robbing local people.

He finds out through Jonas,  a spectre of one of his ancient ancestors, he has to find a key used to close a portal to the Dark Realm. He must destroy it before the dark forces find the key and open the gates.

Matthew also finds out,  and the story unfolds, about a feud between good and evil which has rumbled through the centuries. The feud takes in some turbulent times in history before coming to an explosive end in a historic abbey and neighbouring cliffs.

At the time of writing: 5023 downloads and 35 5 star ratings on e-book websites: free-ebooks.net and Obooko

Review: http://advicesbooks.com/review-of-the-dark-key-by-graeme-winton

Under a Violet Sky is a Horror/Romance novel about a journalist’s battle against CIA conspiracy, demons and alcohol.

Journalist Johnny Duncan is given visions, which are a warning to the world to stop particle accelerator tests. The tests will cause  a portal to another dimension to open where Samael, the king of the Demons, is being held. Johnny is unable to stop the tests which go ahead in the Mojave Desert and destroy the Hoover Dam.

Johnny becomes romantically involved with CIA operative Erin Rodgers who is sent to investigate him and ultimately lead him to his death at the hands of  black ops. He finds out he is dealing with Remote Viewers, one of whom is hell-bent on the destruction of the USA.

At time of writing: 3884 downloads and 35 5 star ratings on e-book websites: free-ebooks.net and Obooko.

Devine Intervention is a novella where DCI Devine uses his position to exact revenge on bullies from his childhood before he retires. He is a cop who has used alternative methods to get to where he is currently. He leaves the victims beaten and unconscious and is shocked to be later called to investigate their murders.

Devine reckons someone from his past is out to frame him. There is, however, another possibility, one he is keen to dismiss. When he was a youth he was saved from dangerous situations by a force. A force which he now suspects has returned for a deadly pay back.

At time of writing: 2867 downloads and 26 5 star ratings  on e-book websites:        free-ebooks.net and Obooko.

Tales of Horror and the Supernatural is a selection of short stories from the Dark Side, which includes:  dark revenge, hauntings and possession. There’s a story about a handicapped youngster in Nazi Germany, who finds himself doubting the religion he was raised under. A mental patient finds love for the first time, only to have it taken away.

Something for most Horror fans!

At time of writing: 7612 downloads and 38 5 star ratings on e-book websites: free-ebooks.net and Obooko.

Tales of Horror and the Supernatural 2 is more stories from the Dark Side where inter-dimensional ghost hunters rub shoulders with a demon soul. A crazed murderer preys on people who call at his front door and another picks on members of the clergy.

At time of writing: 2372 downloads and 17 5 star ratings on e-book websites: free-ebooks.net and Obooko

For They Shall  Inherit The Earth is a sequel to The Dark Key, or a standalone read. Thomson, a demon who has lived for millennia, escapes a dimensional prison and re-enters the Earth where he gathers power from dark souls. After a power overload he remembers who he is: Satan. Along with the Antichrist and other evil entities he raises an army with a view to taking the planet. Standing in their way , however, is David and Matthew two half human demons.

With the two super powers, USA and Russia, about to clash the race is on to see who inherits the Earth in a modern-age play out of the Book of Revelations.

At time of writing: 817 downloads and 17 5 star ratings.

Published December 2018. Get your free download with the links below.



And the Cosmic Dance Goes on Forever is a collection of poems on existence, spiritualism, politics and the environment written over a number of years.

Published in 2019.

At time of writing: 594 downloads and 12 5 star ratings.

Stories of a Surreal Nature is a collection of strange accounts, both fictional and true.

Published in 2020.

At time of writing: 197 downloads and 1 5 star rating.




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